March 15, 2014

Ace Hotel Coming to Pittsburgh

In Pittsburgh’s East Liberty, the famed Ace hotel will soon be making a new home in the neighborhood .

East Liberty has undergone a revolution of the gentrified kind during the last few years, sparked (of course) when Whole Foods dropped it’s flag.


Since then, a number of business and designer lofts have flocked to the area, making this transitional neighborhood a little less transitional. What better place for the ‘hip’ designed-minded Ace Hotel to call home? The Burgh will now join the like of such other hipster Ace Hotel cities as London, Downtown LA, Seattle, NYC, and Panama City.. So, take that Portland… oh wait, they gotta Ace Hotel too.


The Ace

Basically, the Ace Hotel is a collection of very boutique and unique joints, all designed with the area in mind. They make use of cool spaces and drop some pretty serious crafty cuts with the interior design skills. And of course, their hipster branding is very much on point. Go check their Tumbler – best believe breaded gents are well represented.

The 412

This is great stuff for Pittsburgh. It would seem that our mill town’s hard scrabbled history has some juice with the trendy folks of the day. So, eye be seenin yinz dawn s’Liberty at the Ace Hawtel…

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