January 5, 2014

Things Are Looking Up for Pittsburgh Carnivores

In Pittsburgh, the Meat scene has arrived in full force.

Meat, and I mean very, very good meat, juicy, seasoned, medium rare meat, is getting cooked, and eaten, in many place across the burgh these days.


Be it smoked, cooked, pan fried, sliced thin, sliced thick, bbq’d, or in tube form, a number of eateries have thrown their hats in the ring to serve up world class meaty offerings.


Union Pig & Chicken

BBQ done right, seriously. You can smell the smokers doing their magical thing a block away from this East Liberty Cut (and it’s in East Libs… not Shady Side).

Gaucho Parrilla Argentina

My new favorite – wood-fired smoked meats in the Argentinean style. No frills, just pull up a stool and dig in to some of the best meat ever.

Meat & Potatoes

Cultural district hotspot, risen to fame in the meat game by coming correct with the old school styles. I hear their brunch is pretty nice too.


Salt of the Earth

They alight…. A bit heavy handed for my tastes – let the meat be meat I say.

Station Street Hotdog

Fancy hotdogs. Yeah, they have their place I guess – hold the mango salsa for me thanks.


Butcher and the Rye

The new kid on the block, but with some snazzy decor and more adventurous offerings, meat aficionados will be on board.

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