December 1, 2013

Just My Cup of Tea

Like most tea fanatics, my day revolves around that pleasurable, warm cup in hand.

As the fall season slowly fades away, tea is the lifeblood that can get you through those cold bleak winter days. But not all tea is created equal. While some is akin to dirty dish water, the best is equal to liquid gold.

Below is my starter list of the best teas I have encountered, and so far the French do it right.

Lov Tea

A Paris find. Admittedly, I’m biased when it comes to beautiful packaging and this brand could win on presentation alone. Lov’s blends of organic spices, rich in antioxidants are truly delightful and, of course, good for you.

Mariage Freres

Oozing with panache from the packaging to the selections such as “Coup de Soleil” (vanilla and wild strawberry blend) and Perles D’Or (that’s green tea with gold), this Mariage Freres is another French treasure. Their website quotes Henri Matisse, who once said: “ The fragrance of adventure and poetry endlessly pervades each cup of tea.” Nuff said.

Harney and Sons

This is the brand of brisk autumn days. An American-based classic, I love the robust flavor blends like Cranberry Autumn, Apple Cinnamon, and Blue Ginger. Those lovely tea tins are too pretty to toss out and make excellent gifts for Christmas baskets.

Tazo Joy Tea from Starbucks.

Yes, Starbucks–I’m obsessed with the entire store experience! And this tea lives up to its name. I feel a skip in my step and joy in my heart while waiting in line for my cuppa. With full-leaf black, green and Oolong flavors blended together, each sip takes me closer to the holidays. This is a “trim-the-tree” tea.

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