December 4, 2013

Five Must-Sees in the Beautiful Berkshires

The Berkshires is a highland mountain region along western Massachusetts and Connecticut with an abundance of wilderness, parks, and cultural attractions.

Here are a few super sweet locales to discover.


The Porches Inn

From the granny chic decor to the kitty mascot “Sabine” greeting you in the reception area, you *almost* want to ignore the lush mountain surroundings and stay snuggled up by the fire in your room watching Netflix. It’s all about the details here. Complementary Harvey and Sons teas, estate collectibles, claw- foot tubs, and more delights await you in these Victorian homes turned boutique hotel rooms.


Remember all those movies about sleepy New England college towns that you watched as a kid? The castle-like facades of campus buildings, the historic storefronts, and the acres of forests and mountains surrounding the area are straight out of a “Love Story” dream. Even if you’ve already moved on from college, one drive through the Main Street will make you wish that you went to a school in Williamston.

Mount Greylock

Reaching the top of Mount Greylock, the highest natural point in Massachusetts, you are the king of the world. Neighboring the Taconic Mountains, the surrounding forest seems untouched with hidden gems such as waterfalls, streams, and ponds. Hike your way to the top instead of driving–it’s worth the effort!

Hops and Vines

After your long day of climbing Mount Greylock, take a warm shower and get gussied up (or not) and head to Hops and Vines for some elegantly prepared comfort food in a cozy, candle lit environment. Enormous wine selection, seasonal cocktails, pub fare (Bavarian brat-worst), and local ingredients like braised pork and Berkshire county zucchini offer something for everyone. Plus, the waiters know the menu inside and out.

A Berkshires Video

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