December 2, 2013

Easy, Unique Holiday Tabletop Tips

You know those gorgeous holiday tables you see in magazines and blogs? Of course they are designed by a team of stylists, but a festive look for your table top is more obtainable than you think.


Using items that you already have in your home, you can achieve a high end look without making an extra trip the store.

  • Use potted plants to create a garden like feel and add life. Flowers can be expected, plus most they aren’t really seasonal this time of year.
  • A collection of glass vases, artfully arranged. Experiment with different sizes and mix and match.
  • Pieces of seasonal fruit arrangements. Decorate using berries, figs, blood oranges (and their leaves), wine grapes, and more.
  • Use collectables, trinkets, and treasures as unexpected elements

Other tips:

  • Pick a theme and try to stick to it (Modern, Rustic, Trendy)
  • Keep the tablecloth fairly plain if you are using many elements
  • Use a patterned tablecloth if you are using a small amount of elements
  • Take risks. You can go the traditional Christmas look with reds and golds but don’t be afraid to go monotone or move other colors.
  • Create one main focal point such as large candelabra with smaller elements that complement it
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